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Planning to undertake near-water activities?


The RLSS National Water Safety Management Programme is designed for people who work or supervise vocational or recreational activities near water.

NWSMP is recommended for everyone who works near water.

The National Water Safety Management Programme (NWSMP) is an RLSS UK certificated award and valid for two years.

The programme is focused on the managers, supervisors, operatives and group leaders to have sufficient underpinning knowledge and skills of water safety fundamentals to make intelligent, informed decisions about hazards or operating near or in open water.

The NWSMP course is suitable and recommended for everyone over 16 years old who works in, on, or near water.

Highway and bridge maintenance operatives

Construction workers


Emergency services

Security staff

Community safety wardens

Teachers who supervise field activities

Outdoor activity instructors

Countryside rangers

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Water Safety Management

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Water Safety Management

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Water Safety Management

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17 July 2022

RLSS National Water Safety Management Programme

Level 1

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